Friday, December 11, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Tabula Rasa

Kate, and the others
decide NOT to tell the group
about the message

"So we lie" Kate says.
We learn from her flashback that
Kate's good at lying.

See, when Kate was in
Oz she met a guy named Ray
whom she lied to. Lots.

She said her name was
Annie. And she didn't say
she's a fugitive.

But eventually
Ray figures it out and turns
her in to the law.

Meanwhile, on the Isle,
Jack has to euthanize Kate's
captor cuz Sawyer...

...can take down a bear,
but shooting a dying man
proves too hard for him.

We learn that "Orange
Peel" shares his name with someone
famous - one John Locke!

Walt's dad doesn't like
Walt spending time with John, but
Walt likes Mr. Locke.

Walt tells his dad that
Locke told him "a miracle
happened to him." Hmmm.

Locke makes a whistle,
lures Vincent out of the woods.
See? He's not so bad.

Jack discovers Kate's
criminal past, but doesn't
want to know details.

He says that who they
were is not important. They
all have blank slates now.

Somehow, I think Jack
is wrong about this. I bet
their pasts will haunt them.

The episode ends
with a musical montage.
As "Wash Away" plays...

...Charlie changes fate,
Preg-o rubs her big belly,
Boone gives Shannon shades...

...Sayid tosses an
apple to Sawyer, Vincent
and Walt reunite.

John Locke watches them
in a creepy fashion. Hmm.
Maybe he is bad.

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