Thursday, August 03, 2017

cpr lizards, hipster beards and keyboard wwwwwwoeeeeeeeees

First, hey, news, I think you need more stories like this one:

(a woman found a dead lizard in her pool, and used cpr chest compressions to bring it back to life. Awesome.)

Second, I've been growing my beard lately, and it's getting to the 'hipster' looking stage, I think. Or maybe 'late 1870s' look. I dunno. I'm both enthralled with it and annoyed by it, so I don't know how much longer I'll keep it going. There are more and more gray hairs in it each day, too. (Not an overwhelming majority, or even near a majority at all. They're more like... people who voted 4th party. They're there, mixed in among the population, but you have to really be looking out for them.) And, yeah, I'm comparing my beard hair color to political affiliations. Welcome to my brain.

Lastly, I'm currently using the laptop, because the main computer is both really laggy, AND the keyboard is ....less than ideal. The following keys on it are 'sticky', where they either don't type when you first push them, or they get stuck and you therefore get multiples of them in a row:
1, e, w

The workaround for the 1 key isn't too bad - you just have to use the 10-key numbers instead. (Although there's no workaround for exclamation points. So when those get used, you get REALLY excited. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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