Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Brig

Locke needs to kill his
dad in order to become
a full-fledged Other

When he can't do it,
Ben says, "John Locke ain't special",
the Others take off.

But first, Richard gives
Locke the file on one James Ford.
Locke needs Sawyer's help.

Locke gets James to go
with him to the Black Rock where
he's tied up his dad.

He puts Sawyer and
his father in the same room
and then locks the door.

As James talks with the
world's biggest asshole, he learns
this is the Sawyer.

The one who conned his
mom and caused his dad to kill
them both
years ago.

With his emotions
barely in check, he gives the
letter to "Sawyer".

When he rips it up,
James snaps and chokes the guy to
death. Locke says, "Thank you."

Locke carries his dad's
corpse to where Ben is waiting.
"Tell me everything."

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