Sunday, February 22, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - 316

Hello, Lamppost. What
ya knowing? Can you tell where
the Island's going?

We finally learn
Eloise Hawking's middle
name - Exposition.

Kate says, "Don't hold on
to things that make you sad." I
say, "Like toy airplanes?"

Anyone else wish
that when changing Locke's shoes Jack
had counted his toes?

Bloody Ben better
not have hurt Desmond, Penny
or baby Charlie!

Not really down with
the whole Kate and Sun giving
up their kids angle...

Jin!?! In Dharma clothes?!!?!!!
Does that mean they're stuck in the
'70's? Groovy.


Amy said...

Dude. That first one is the best haiku in the history of time.

Ack said...

Hahahahaha this is awesome!!! I love the way you brought it all back around at the end - "Feelin' Groovy" --> Groovy. And the toe counting! Haha!


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