Friday, February 27, 2009

Thanks, Allison!

I felt like blogging, but had (of course!) nothing to blog about. So I was surfing other people's blogs, and found that Allison had asked a bunch of questions. So that gave me something to say. Hooray!!

# Why is it so easy to read 30 blogs every day and so hard to write just one?
I KNOW!! Although sadly, I find it difficult to read 30 blogs, too.

# Remember when Heroes used to be good?
Yeah. Remember when I gave up on it (on a weekly basis)? Why do I keep going back to it? Oh, Heroes, I wish I could quit you.

# I am listening to Fields of Gold by Sting (shut up! I like Sting). Why is it so much sexier when someone kisses "her mouth" instead of "her lips"?
I... don't really have an answer for that.

# Maybe if I refilled the bird feeder, the pretty birds would come back. Unfortunately, that currently entails navigating the sea of dog poop that is currently my backyard.
Heh. That's not really a question. But, you know, that would make a pretty decent online game.

# You really didn't need that last bit of information, did you?
It's all good. I mean, everybody poops.

# I didn't give up anything for Lent. I never give up anything for Lent. Do you?
Nope. What with the not being Catholic and all.

# I thought the Academy Awards rocked this year. I especially liked the groups of five previous winners doing the acting nominations. I thought it gave real power to the idea that it was an honour just to be nominated. Seemed to me that most of the actors really appreciated the acknowledgment. Since when did giving people compliments become boring?
I agree.

# This is very nearly a BoQ, isn't it? Don't you miss BOQs? How do you write bOq?
Yes. Yes. I usually say 'boq'.

# I had iTunes Genius make me some playlists from my music. It pretty much scored a home run.
TNAQ. But... what is iTunes Genius? Sounds intriguing.

# Are you looking forward to baseball season? Do you ever look forward to a sporting season?
Not so much, no. (Sorry!)

# I have fingerling potatoes to roast for supper tonight. You envy me, don't you?
I don't really know what fingerling potatoes are, but right now I'm starving and ANYTHING sounds delicious. So, um. Yes.

# What state would you most like to visit?
Idaho. Just to visit, though.

# After I wrote the last item, the Genius playlist just moved to New York State of Mind. It really is a Genius, isn't it?
"Who knows the wily mind of computers?" ;)

# Have you watched Life on Mars? You really should. Trust me.
I've seen promos for it. Does that count?

# Which reminds me: I am actually feeling somewhat nostalgic for the 70s. I blame Milk, The Pursuit of Happyness and the aforementions LOM. What decade do you feel nostalgia for?
The 90s, weirdly. They just had some really good music. Although I suspect that the 20s probably will as well. We'll just have to see.

# I think this one is done for now. Thanks for playing
Hey, no problem! Tell me what I've won!

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CosmicAvatar said...

That's a good BOQ. I am tempted to nick it, but shall stick to making random comments on it instead.

I don't want to quit Heroes, but sometimes it really alienates me. After which it suddenly gets totally awesome and I can't wait for the next week's ep all over again.

"Mouth" feels and sounds nicer to say. With "Lips" you end on a fairly hard consonant and a sibilant, whereas "Mouth" is all soft and whispery. Also, "Mouth" encompasses a lot more than just lips. It seems... deeper.

(I like Sting too, but there are many songs I prefer over Fields Of Gold, good though it is.)

Life On Mars is excellent. I'm so glad I got a second chance to watch it. Give it a go.

I wish I'd seen this year's Oscars now, as it sounds like a really good one, and that Hugh Jackman rocked. Oh, well - I'm sure the good bits are on YouTube...