Monday, February 02, 2009

6 more weeks of winter

Apparently Phil saw his shadow (again!), so according to folklore, we're due for six more weeks of winter. Of course, it was 62 degrees out today, so I won't complain with another month and a half of that type of weather.

Yesterday was busy.
In addition to the birthday celebration of Irina, I also got my haircut, and Buffybowl 8* happened.

*Looking back over the years, I've never quite pinpointed exactly what number it is. But from here on out, it's officially going to be that yesterday's was the 8th one. Now, if only I can remember that for next year.

For Irina's birthday, we ate at both DQ and Chuck E. Cheese. Paragons of health are we!
That being said, she greatly enjoyed the outings. Especially going to Sunset Park for a while in the afternoon in order to enjoy the awesome "winter" weather we're currently experiencing.
We also ventured into Toys 'R' Us, where we found that they had WiiFit in stock. Woo! The girls have been spending all day tight rope walking and hula-hooping and doing yoga. Fun!

The Buffybowl game was another showdown between Adam and the Scoobies. Adam, of course, won, because Saren was Evil, and Saren always wins. (She's claiming that she's going to play as Good next year. I'm typing this as a way of reminding her of this fact.)
Actually, I think that Buffy would've taken Adam out ...if he'd been on the board from the beginning!! [Yes, due to an error by the Powers That Be, Adam didn't get placed on the board until about halfway through the game, and was thus completely safe from any attacks. Of course, in Season 4, Adam didn't really show up until about halfway through, so in that way it was more accurate.]
But, in the end, even with the Glove of Mahna-Mahna, Buffy could not defeat the evil demon, and was killed by Spike. Sad.

The commercials we witnessed were ...okay. We didn't see much of them, but from all reports of what I've read/seen today, I don't think we're any poorer for having not seen them. We did see the 3-D commercials, and we did have our 3-D glasses, but none of us were overly impressed with the results. Apparently NBC went and lessened the effects so that people who didn't have the glasses would be able to see the spots with less problems, which is... really a bonehead move, actually. Why go through all the trouble of promoting the technology if you're not going to actually use it? [sigh] We're looking forward to Chuck tonight, which is also supposed to be in 3-D, but we like Chuck regardless of how many Ds it's in. :)

Today I had an interview with the local PBS affiliate. I'm feeling confident about it, but dumbly I forgot to ask, "When will you make a decision?" so's a waiting game, then.


Amy said...

The groundhog around here apparently did not even come out of his groundhog house, and thus thoroughly avoided seeing his shadow. This is good, because our winter has been craptastic.

Although, as it has been for many years, February 2nd was totally sunny and today. Today it is 25 and sloshy snowing.

Amy said...

That first "today" = "awesome".

CosmicAvatar said...

WiiFit! I want one.

Re the interview. Waiting is horrible, so there's no harm in calling up and saying, "Thanks again for calling me in for interview, [something pertinent to what went down], I was wondering when you would be in a position to make a decision on the final candidate?" IMHO. In all the interview tips I've read, this is a recognised tactic; it helps the company remember you and makes you seem keen, which is never a bad thing. Doitdoitdoit.