Sunday, March 01, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Much later in the day than I had originally planned on posting these, but what are ya gonna do?

After turning the
wheel, Locke (re)meets Widmore, who
says, "War's a-comin'."

Widmore gives John a
new identity. Time to
bend it like Bentham.

Also from Widmore -
creepy driver Abaddon!
Locke's all, "Um. Gee. Thanks?"

First Locke goes to see
Sayid. "We have to go back,"
says John. Sayid: "No."

Next Locke visits WAAAAALT!
He doesn't ask him to go
back, causing much ire.

Seriously, if
that was the send-off for WAAAAALT,
I'ma be pissed, dudes.

Next up is Hurley,
who is convinced that Locke's dead.
Not yet, dude. Not yet.

Hugo doesn't want
to listen to John once he
spots Abaddon. Smart!!

So far, Locke's batting
zero. And his talk with Kate
is no different.

You know what will cheer
you up, Locke? Finding out your
ex-girlfriend is dead.

Or being shot at
by Ben's lackeys, who do kill
Abaddon. A LOT.

And then a car crash
so Dr. Jack can work you
over. Nice one, Jack!

At his apartment,
Ben shows up and says, "Hey Locke,
how's it hanging?....Locke?"

Then Ben Linus came
to talk him down. But he don't
need advice, he's down.

And things seemed okay
until Locke mentioned Hawking.
Ben...went kinda nuts.

Now that both Ben and
Locke are back (and living) on
Craphole... well...NOW what?

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Amy said...

Your haiku skills are seriously honed. If you decided to write all your entries in haiku, I'd be on board with it.