Sunday, March 08, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - LaFleur

Locke goes down the hole,
the gang sees the statue from
the back
, fans go nuts.

There's one more flash then
...No more time jumps! Looks like Locke
set things right again.

Well, mostly right. Seems
Sawyer and pals are gonna
relive through disco.

James interrupts a
Dharma/Others picnic/fight
thus saving Amy.

Amy leads them to
the Dharma camp, where Sonic
Fence knocks them out cold.

Our favorite con-man
gets grilled by Horace Goodspeed,
lies convincingly.

Horace says, "Ya'll can
leave Craphole via our sub!"
Then Richard shows up.

Sawyer goes to chat
with Mr. Never Ages,
persuades him to chill.

Horace says, "Nice job.
You can stay two weeks." (Which is
like three years Lost-time)

Later, Amy goes
into labor - Juliet
delivers the boy!

James and Juliet
are so happy together!
Then Jin calls. Guess what.

Freckles is back on
the Island, to make things suck.
(And Jack will help, too.)

I was hoping James
would end the show by saying,
"Hey Kate! ...Where's Aaron?"

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