Friday, February 26, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Lighthouse

Jacob, through Hurley,
gets Jack to smash some magic
mirrors. What's his plan?

"I've been on Craphole
for a while now. Know what
I've never seen before?"...

..."A big ol' honking
castle lighthouse?"
Don't worry. I doubt
we'll see it again.

We get a nod to
Season 1 with the Adam
and Eve skeletons

Still don't know who they
are, but at least the writers
know they still exist.

Clarie's been living in
the jungle with her "friend" for
three years now. Poor girl.

In that time, she has
gone batshit fucking insane.
To put it mildly.

She's put a boar's skull
in Aaron's crib. Insert "This
Little Piggy" joke.

Claire kills an Other,
threatens to kill Kate, and shows
Jin her "friend". - It's Smocke.

In the other realm,
Jack has a teenage son named
David. Oh, that's great. ...

...Now Jack can be the
cause of some daddy issues.
But, gasp!! Not so much!!

Jack is determined
to NOT repeat his father's
mistakes. Good for him.

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