Saturday, February 20, 2010

blah blah blah blah blah blah Hollywood

It hasn't been a good year for movie watching thus far.

Up until a few days ago we had put our Netflix account on hold, and I can't remember the last movie I watched.

But! We're all (semi) settled into the new house now, so we're once again receiving those wonderful red envelopes.

The other night we watched 9, but I don't think I'll be writing a Haiku Review of it. For one, I didn't see the entire thing - there was a 15-20 minute window where I was trying to get Silas to sleep in the other room that I missed out on.
Secondly, it wasn't that great a movie. Not that a movie has to be good for me to do a HR of it, but 9 wasn't really horrible either, just sorta... average.
Thirdly, I'm somewhat out of practice in writing haiku reviews for films, rather than Lost episodes. Heh.

I also recently watched Funny Games. Not sure how I felt about it, but I'm leaning toward "didn't like it". But then, when I start to think that's my final verdict, a voice speaks up and says, "but some of the performances...and what about the message the filmmaker was delivering about violence and whatnot?"
But then again, it wasn't something I would ever really want to rewatch... So, until I can get my opinion straight on Funny Games, probably won't write a haiku review for that, either.

Tonight (maybe) we'll watch District 9. And I suspect I'll be able to write a haiku review of that. (hopefully!)

So, have any of you guys seen any movies recently that you can recommend? I mean, there are still good films out there, right?


Anonymous said...

Being able to put Netflix on hold is a godsend, though, don't you think? Then you don't watch stuff when you're too busy or not in the mood just because you feel you should maximize the monthly cost. We're in the same boat, most of the last few months have been on hold. Anyway, District 9 is quite good, you should enjoy it. I can recommend Flame & Citron, which was really excellent.


Amy said...

For a second I thought you meant you watched nine movies the other night. That would have been crazy!

Anyway, this is the picture with Daniel Day-Lewis that you're talking about, right? My review of it was: Out of 20, maybe.

Anonymous said...

I think P@ means 9, not Nine. Different movie, an animated sci-fi I believe.


Amy said...

See, I wasn't sure!

P@ said...

Kirk was right, the 9 movie we watched was the animated one with Elijah Wood's voice. But your review, Amy, was apt for that film, as well.

Also, District 9 was very enjoyable. Don't know that it's the Best Picture of the Year, but it is the best picture I've seen this year, so there ya go.