Sunday, February 07, 2010

Some things never change

Buffybowl 9 is now one for the history books.

I don't want to spoil the ending, but it's not that difficult to guess.

It was another matchup between Adam and the Scoobies (we've decided that the way to determine which villain is used is the following: Whomever is Evil rolls one of the 6 sided die: 1 = Master, 2 = Judge, 3 = Mayor, 4 = Adam, 5 = Evil player rolls again, 6 = Good player rolls again).

I was Adam, while Saren and Harper were the Good guys - Saren controlled Useless Xander and Oz, while Harper was in charge of the female counterparts: Willow & Buffy.

It's difficult to get things done with Adam, since all your minions are vampires, and are allergic to sunlight. So, I foolishly brought Adam out, and was promptly surrounded by Willow, Xander and Oz.

I was able to kill off the witch, and Adam and Spike managed to get a few hits in on Buffy. She was, at one point, down to 3 hit points. Victory was within my grasp! I rolled Adam's 4 fight dice, and came up with three blanks and 1 stake.

Buffy finished Adam off in the next round.

Next year, I swear.

On the commercial front, there were several that were quite good. The Simpsons-Coke ad was an early favorite (even if it was for Coke), and I thought the beavers that played fiddles was pretty good.
We all liked the Human Bridge ad, and the Human Dolphins were funny as well, but the one that got the biggest laugh was the Dorito's ad with ...Tim. ("Tim loves Dorito's.") (Sadly, all the other Dorito's spots were painfully unamusing.)

The movies that were advertised: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time [get on DVD. maybe.]
The Wolfman [meh. DVD. Which is surprising. Steph even said, "You like wolfmen!" Which is true, but I'm just not feeling this one]
The Crazies [definitely rent]
Shutter Island [yup, want to see this one too.]
Robin Hood [pass]
Alice in Wonderland [looks....Tim Burtony. Which means we'll see it, of course, but while I'm excited about it, I also have reservations. There's only so much weird one can handle, you know, and I fear the scale may be broken on this one.]


Anonymous said...

The best ad was the Leno/Oprah/Letterman one. Sadly, we missed the anti-abortion ad. Screw CBS anyway.

I kind of wish Tim Burton would go away, but that may be a minority opinion. I want to see The Crazies. This is an ideal movie to remake, b/c the original is actually not very good. (I think Romero is only inspired when he's doing zombies.) Much better than remaking a classic and most likely annoying everyone.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm going to change my vote to the Green Police ad. "You picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem, plastic boy."


Amy said...

My favorites were the Green Police and the one with Betty White. Because Betty White is amazing.

Also, I hadn't been feeling too jazzed about Alice In Wonderland, but the last trailer (?) actually got me excited for it. As long as Burton doesn't Burton it up like he always does.