Friday, February 19, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Substitute

Reality X:
Locke gets fired (rightfully so).
Hurley rehires him.

Locke is engaged to
Helen, and they seem happy.
Can they stay that way?

I hope Helen's
aneurysm doesn't kill
her off. That would suck.

So, Locke is a sub.
He meets another teacher -
Benjamin Linus!

Ben's a history
teacher. Which means he should have
reports on John Locke.

On the Island,
Locke's body gets buried, Ben gives
a great eulogy.

Ilana tells Ben
Smocke can not take the form of
anyone else now.

(How does she know that?)
She takes Jacob's ashes. Bet
those will be useful.

Smocke and Sawyer see
a blonde haired little boy who
Richard does not see.

Richard tells Sawyer
"Smocke wants to kill you and all
your friends. Beware!"

The boy tells Smocke that
he "can't kill him". Smocke: "Don't tell
me what I can't do!!"

Smocke leads Sawyer down
a cliffside ladder, shows him
Jacob's graffiti.

Locke, Shepard, Reyes,
Ford, Jarrah, and Kwon all have
a Number by them.

Names not on the wall,
but should be: Austen, Dawson,
Rutherford, Vincent.

Smocke says Jacob brought
all ya'll here to take over
his Island duties.

"You have 3 options,"
Smocke tells James. "1. Do nothing.
See how this plays out...

...That would make for some
boring television, though,
so let's not do that.

Option 2 is - do
what Jacob wanted - become
Island Protector."

"Protect it from what?"
James asks. "That's the joke," Smocke laughs.
"It's just an Island!!"

"Option 3 - join me.
What do you say, James? Ready
to go home?" "Hell yes."

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