Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mama, my ass is tired

So very tired. And, sadly, so very very sore.

Some things I've learned from my biking experience today:

1) Downhill is MUCH easier than up.

2) riding down Decatur at 5:30 in the morning is less stressful than riding down Decatur at 5:30 at night (less cars. Dude. Cars? SUCK.)

3) my butt is bruised. I don't know if it's because the seat I have on the bike is too hard or I'm just not used to sitting on a bicycle seat, or if I have a weak/bony butt, but. There ya have it. It hurts to sit down right now. I'm not happy about it. But (ha!) there's not much I can do about it, either. Other than just get used to it and/or wait as it heals. *sigh*

4) ...Um. I can't remember if there was a 4. I think I did have other things to say, but that was way earlier this evening, and now I'm so beyond tired that I'm having a hard time knowing what I'm even talking about now.
On the plus side, I get to be one of the countless masses tomorrow, and I'll be able to drive in to work. (Hooray!) Steph isn't needing the van tomorrow, so I can a]sleep in and b] not have to worry about being run over by someone like me.

Oh, I remember. 5) Vegas is totally NOT bike-friendly. Mad props to my brother-in-law, Sean, for driving his bike all over the city for as long as he did. Especially in this town. I mean, seriously, would it kill the city planners to, I don't know, make sidewalks that didn't mysteriously end for no reason? And for them, when there are bike lanes on the road, to not place obstacles in the middle of them? Gah. No wonder people don't bike anywhere.

But, overall, it was a pretty cool experience. I'm not unhappy iwth it, I'm just semi-cranky due to being overtired.


Anonymous said...
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Mindi Scott said...

Can you get some padded bike shorts? Those have helped me immensely during bike rides.

P@ said...

Steph was awesome enough to buy me a padded seat! I'll have to test it out tomorrow and see how it goes.