Friday, April 23, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Last Recruit

Linear story
telling is so passé. Let's
bounce around, shall we?

Poor Miss Littleton.
Always being abandoned.
Until Kate arrives.

She's talked her out of
being crazy. At least, it
seems that way for now.

Well, well, well. It looks
as though Des survived his fall.
Now... did Sayid shoot?

Jack is on a boat
Until Sawyer kicks him off,
so he swims ashore.

(By the way, what's in
the back pack that Jack has on?
Bet it's a plot twist!)

Smocke meets Jack on shore.
Widmore tries to blow them up.
Smocke: "You're with me now."

Over on Hydra,
Jin & Sun - reunited
and it feels so good!

Although the pylons
had me worried they'd get fried.
(Joss would've done it.)

Meanwhile, in LA,
Kate and Sayid are both caught
by cops Ford & Straume

Claire, through Desmond, meets
Ilana, who has Christian's
will to read to her.

Jack gets called in to
do surgery on John Locke.
"Hey! I know this guy!"

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