Sunday, April 19, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Some Like It Hoth

I like puns as much
as the next guy (maybe more)
but, jeez, show. Really?

On with the recap:
Young Miles and his single mom,
looking for a place...

...decide to move in
to the complex so Miles can
chat with dead tenants.

Later, when Miles asks
his dying mom about his
dad, she says he died...

...years ago, and that
his body is someplace that
Miles could never go.

(Oh, yeah. You can tell
this is the past because Miles
has on a bad wig.)

We also get to
see how Naomi hired
Miles to search for Ben.

AND! Bram, who is with
Ilana on the Island,
briefly kidnaps Miles.

He warns Miles not to
go to Craphole, since he's not
on the winning team.

Miles just wants money
(well, that, and his fish taco)
so Bram lets him go.

In the present/past-
Sawyer calls Miles, asks him to
please erase tape 4.

But before Miles can,
Horace sends him to pick up
something. ...It's a corpse.

Miles uses his Sixth
Sense to find out how this guy
wound up DOA.

Turns out, fillings and
super-strong magnets do not
make a good combo.

Meanwhile, Ben's dad flips
out when he discovers his
son has gone missing.

Kate tries to comfort
him: "Don't worry, Roger. Ben
will be just fine. Heck...

...he will be up and
committing mass murder, yours
included, real soon!"

Roger is all, "Kind
words? From someone I just met?!?
She must be evil!"

Roger goes to Jack,
asks if Kate can be trusted.
Jack: "Welllll.... hey! You're drunk!"

Elsewhere, Hurley has
tagged along with Miles for the
corpse delivery.

The duo discuss
conversations with dead folk
and Star Wars fan-fic.

(Oh, and Hurley was
wrong. The Ewoks did not suck!
The prequels did, though.)

Everybody, please
welcome Miles into the Lost
Daddy Issues Club!

Everybody: "Hi,
Miles!" Miles (meekly): "Hi." So...Miles,
what are your issues?

"Well, my dad left me
and my mom when I was a
child, so I had to...

...learn how to speak with
dead people all on my own,
which made me snarky.

Now, through a weird twist
of both fate and donkey wheels,
I'm here, with my dad.

And I can see he
did love me as a child. So...
I guess I'm done here!"

And Hurley was like,
"See? Daddy issues can be
resolved without death!"

(Pointed look at Kate,
Locke, Sawyer, Ben, George Lucas.
You too, Joss Whedon.)

Things with Miles seem good
but Phil found the tape with James,
Kate, and Ben on it!

So Sawyer punches
Phil, and has Juliet get
a rope. Here we go!

And lastly, Daniel
is back! He returns on the
sub, saying, "Hey Miles!"

In two weeks we get
the one hundredth episode!
Can't wait to see it!

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Amy said...

I'm sort of impressed that you noted that one kidnapping dude's name.

Also, #27 is gold.