Sunday, May 10, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Follow the Leader

Lots of action to
cover this time around. I'll
split the sections. First...

Jack and Kate get to see Dan
get shot by his mom

Before they can flee,
they are caught by the Others!
(They hit Jack's face! Pow!)

Eloise, now that
she's done shooting, asks questions:
Are you with Dan? And....

...Why do you need our bomb?
Jack explains how time has gone
haywire, and how they...

...can hopefully fix
it all by blowing shit up.
Eloise: "Really?"

Jack: "Trust me. We can
put right what once went wrong." Kate:
"But what about us?"

Jack doesn't care that
he'll be erasing their lives,
'cuz lots of it sucked.

Kate says, "It wasn't
all bad! Like remember when
Smokey chased us, or... watched me and James
have cage-sex? Or all those times
the Others caught us?

And remember when
we lived together, and I
kept secrets from you?

Do you really want
to make it so that never
took place?" Jack: "....Maybe?"

So Eloise says,
"Our bomb is sorta under
the Dharma barracks."

On the way there, Kate
says, "Screw this. I'm going back
to James!" Others: "Nope."

They point guns at her
but who should show up just then?
Why it's Sayid! Yay!

And since Sayid is
a bad-ass, he shoots, and kills,
a nameless Other!

Sayid: "Hey guys! What's
going on?" Jack: "We're off to
blow up history!"

Sayid: "Pfft! I did
that three weeks ago when I
shot young Ben Linus!"

Kate: "Um. Yeah. About
that." Sayid is upset to
learn that Ben lives on.

So he hooks up with
Jack on Mission Explode The
Past, while Kate goes back.

Jack, Sayid, and Dan's
mother make it to where the
bomb is stored. "Now what?"

Meanwhile, Sawyer is
being tortured. (Just like old
times!) Dharma wants him... reveal where Kate
took Ben. Pointless torture scenes
ensue. In the end...

...James and Juliet
are put on the world's fakest
looking submarine...

...along with Kate! Um.
Weren't they just looking for her?
Why'd they let her go?

Two-thousand seven:
Locke brings the Others a dead
boar. Mmm. Bacon. Mmmm.

Locke, Ben, and Richard
head into the jungle, to
reenact a scene...

...from earlier this
season. It's very Back to
the Future Part 2.

Once the past-Locke gets
his message and compass from
Richard, now-Locke asks...

...Richard to take him
and all the Others to go
see Jacob. Road trip!

As they make their way,
Locke confides to Ben his new
mission: Kill Jacob.

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