Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I wish it really worked this way.

Irina and I were playing pretend.

Irina: You wanna buy some ice cream?

Me: Sure!

Irina: Okay. Do you have moneys?

Me: No.

Irina: Okay. Here's some moneys! *hands me imaginary money* ...And some pennies! *hands me imaginary pennies*

Me: Thanks! *hands her the imaginary money back*

Irina: And here's your ice cream! *hands me imaginary ice cream cone*

Best. Ice Cream. Vendor. Ever.


Annika said...

Ooh, yes. This would especially be good when Sam and I run outside to meet Will coming home, and I am lucky if I remember pants let alone a dollar, and the ice cream guy always goes by and there I am, no money, and sooner or later Sam is going to figure out what he sells.

Miranda said...

But, Pat, it does work that way between the FED and the Treasury. Just not for us little guys. We actually have to work and produce something to get money.