Sunday, May 03, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - The Variable

Daniel Faraday
has come back to the Island,
acting all cagey.

Flashback to Daniel's
younger days: his mum says, "Dan,
focus on Science!...

...You've got to be a
science nerd to fulfill your
(crappy) destiny!...

...You know, the one where
I end up shooting you in
the back. Um. Spoilers!"

So Daniel does as
he's instructed, gets all smart,
then loses his mind.

Turns out he tested
on himself, causing some flaws
in his memory.

Widmore says, "Hey, go
to Craphole and you'll be healed!
...And shot by your mom."

In the present/past,
Dan tries to warn Chang 'bout The
Incident - no go.

Then he tries to tell
The Losties that they should not
be here in the past.

Dan also instructs
a young Charlotte "Stay away".
Dude's like Cassandra.

Jack and Kate take Dan
(and some guns, of course) out to
visit the Hostiles.

But first they have a
shoot out with the Dharma guys,
who go to find James...

...And discover he
has Phil tied up and gagged. They
don't seem real happy.

Meanwhile, outside Camp
Others, Dan explains to Jack,
Kate, and the viewers...

...that he was wrong, and
whatever happened didn't
happen. Things can change!

Seems when doing his
calculations, he forgot
to carry the four.

He tells them that they
need to stop The Incident,
thus changing, well, Lost.

Jack seems intrigued at
this idea. "Fix time?!? I am
so there!" Kate's less thrilled.

(Personally, I
hope that things can't be changed.
You can't fight fate, dude.)

But before time is
"fixed", Daniel gets shot by his
mother. Destiny!

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