Friday, March 05, 2010

today is Friday

normally on Fridays I post the latest haiku review of the Lost episode from this week.
However, I... um. kinda haven't seen the episode yet.

this week has been extraordinarily draining.

Monday, the 1st, was just a Monday. But after getting home from work, and then watching Chuck, and needing to wake up early the next day, I never got around to going online to blog.
Tuesday, the 2nd, was the sleepover (that Steph blogged about already) and it was fun, although that day I rode 14 miles on my bike, so I was a little bit tired. [/understatement]
Wednesday, the 3rd, was another day of riding my bike/the bus (I didn't take my bike all the way home that day, because my legs were KILLING me by that point). Instead of going online, I watched Moon.
Yesterday, the 4th, we had Sean (Steph's youngest brother) over for dinner and games, plus there was Survivor to watch, so that was another night of non-onlineness.

Which brings us to today. I'm sick, with whatever illness it was that Irina and Harper had earlier in the week, but I'm only suffering slightly. (I suspect that it might be worse tomorrow, but we'll see.)

I had originally planned for March to have a story-a-day as my blog entries, but you know what they say about plans. (They're the best way to make god laugh, and also that they're for intellectuals and morons) Besides, none of the umpteen hundred of story ideas I had over the past week or so seemed... good. Which shouldn't stop me, since it's never stopped me before, but ...I don't really have a point. Just rambling.

But, anyway. At least now I've blogged, and I do have some ideas for future blog posts for this month, so, stay tuned, I guess?

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