Tuesday, May 29, 2018

go knights go

So, we (along with, apparently, 29% of all other television sets in the city of Las Vegas) watched (part of) the Stanley Cup game one yesterday. It was wildly entertaining! Even though we didn't watch the entire game (I did go online later to make sure the Knights won - and they did (and I felt pride about it! What in the world is happening???)), I ...kind of got sucked into it a bit. Like, I don't care about sports or hockey teams or any of that AT ALL.
And yet... I found myself getting tense whenever the capitals were near our net, and ... yeah. I guess I can kind of see how you could easily get into it.

I'll still be very glad when all the games are done, since it's a massive amount of extra work for me (and a LOT of pressure/stress since the commercials that are airing during the games are SUPER pricey. I screw something up there, it's gonna be noticed, for sure). But, still. Go Knights Go.

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