Monday, June 04, 2018

done done on to the next one

It's been a month(ish) since I wrote the second draft of Stupid Monsters - and other than the teacher, nobody has given me feedback, which is... um. Okay, actually, my dad sort of did, and Saren said she liked it, and a coworker said she liked it, but otherwise, I'm still left longing in the constructive (or otherwise!) criticism department.

As a result, I've not gone back to do any of the (necessary) work on it. *I* haven't even reread the story since I wrote it.

So, it only makes sense that an idea for a sort of sequel would start popping up in my mind. It's *just* an idea at this point - not even a plot or really any characters (other than one, and she's really just an avatar)... but it's not going away. Hrm.

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