Friday, June 22, 2018

you know what, never mind. Contour, what's this song

ugh. SUCH a horribly delivered commercial. The content itself is meh, but the people reading the lines should be ...well, they shouldn't have been compensated for it, let's put it that way.

Anywhat, today was somehow even longer than the longest day of the year, but if there's anything the past two years have taught us, it's that this timeline will constatnly find new ways to surprise you with what you thought wasn't possible.

Speaking of! I totally want a Melania jacket. It would come in handy SO often.
Eh. I guess I don't really care that much. (I do expect that it will make appearances come Halloween time, though. Although the distance between now and end of October is pretty wide, and people's memories are short.... guess it depends on what ELSE happens between now and then. Maybe she'll have other messages on other jackets.)

There was something else on my mind to blog about while I was driving home, and, now, as is typical, I can't remember what it was. Ah well.

"Well what do ya know."

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