Saturday, June 04, 2005

There's only one way. There's only one way... to rock!

Sadly, I don't know it.

Um. I don't have a "theme" for this entry, it's just random whatever comes into my head type of stuff. Which, I guess, could be considered a theme.

The word "ewok" is never said in Return of the Jedi. Honestly! I know that seems unbelievable (I was skeptical when Tina told me) but it's true. The ewoks are listed as such in the credits, but otherwise, throughout the movie you're going, "Who are these adorable tribe of teddy bears?!" Or you're gritting your teeth waiting for their scenes to be over (if you're not in touch with your inner child).

Mmmm. Big Gulp Prize Pack. I don't know what it consists of, but it sounds appealing, ya know?

Harper finished her Kindergym class this week. I attended the final class on Thursday, and was very impressed and very proud of her. She was adorably gymnastic. And every time she would run by us, she would smile and wave. Hee!


Wow. I thought that I had more to say. I was going to originally update the Nonmemorable Memorial Day Post (I should put a link to it. Or, you know, if you just scroll down a bit you'll see it. It was just a few days ago.) with some stuff that I forgot to put in there, but it seems like ancient history now. And nobody cares about ancient history! heh.

The highlights, though: On Sunday, while at the Pool Party, I got the very first phone call on the cell phone - from work. Yes, they had called me at 8am that morning, but they also called me later that afternoon. [Interestingly (or not) enough - work called me AGAIN on Thursday night. Also related to a baseball game. There's another game on Sunday (we are in the midst of baseball season, obviously) so I'm expecting a phone call that day as well.]

The pigeon died. I buried it in the backyard on Tuesday after work. Saren, Harper, and one of the neighbor girls (Rosa, I believe) attended the funeral. When I placed the time traveller in the shallow grave, I asked if they wanted to say anything. The "eulogy" went as such:

Saren: "You were a beautiful bird, and I'm sorry that you died."
Harper: "Yeah."
Rosa: "And it didn't take long, either."

Then they took turns putting the dirt on the bird. I placed a big rock over the grave, to serve as both a headstone, and so that no cat (I'm looking at you Tripod aka Tiger aka Se-Beasty aka Sebastian) digs it up. Harper then jumped on the stone, to make sure that it was "in the ground enough".

Other highlights from the week: Saren's karate class ended - that was on Wednesday. After it was over, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate. The people got the order incorrect, but the girls had a good time anyway.

Um. I guess that's all. The girls watched Lion King 1 1/2 - twice! So, I guess that would make it Lion King 3? They enjoyed it muchly. Steph watched Spanglish last night; I fell asleep. Although I did watch the "Special Futures" with her this morning.

In the mail today we got Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, which I'm not really into, but I've heard good things about, so we shall see.

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Amy said...

I found the pirate movie pretty darn entertaining. But then as I'm thinking about it, I think pirates maybe be for me what puppets are for other people.

Pirates. Awesome.

Simon said...

I kind of don't believe the third paragraph. Uh? Wuh? Buh?

I'm sad for the pigeon. Rest In Peace, little flying guy.

Eileen said...

Until a couple of weeks ago, I could have sworn that Boba Fett was never named in the films. I've seen the original trilogy about 10 times, but I only just caught his name the last time I watched it.

That's not to say I don't believe you about the Ewoks. I do. This is my way of saying that I do believe you!

Anonymous said...

No Ewok mention? By gum, you're right!

It's shocking how many details don't make it into the films and you have to do a spot of research to match names to characters (good fun for the geeks like me, I guess). I only managed to identify several "peripheral" Jedi from the prequels a couple of days ago...


p.s. Why is it that after months of checking your blog, I go through a period of being unable to stalk properly, only to return and see this proliferation of blogging? Tut.