Friday, June 24, 2005

What an artist the world is losing in me!

So, it turns out that it's not a zombie plot (unless it is...), but the reason that the Vegas sky is an unusual orange/red (again...or, still) is because there are numerous fires surrounding the city. Seems that those lightning storms we had a couple days back started some fires that are still out of control.

The city isn't in any danger, but the surrounding areas (Mt. Charleston, Red Rock Canyon, etc) are having the people who live there evacuate.

Hey! Maybe the fires are really folks burning flags in protest. You know, while they still legally can.


Amy said...

"But if we [i]change[/i] the Constitution..."

"Then we could make all sorts of crazy laws!"

"Now you're catching on!"

Simon said...

There's a West Wing episode in which Jed has to decide whether to put out a forest fire. Sometimes they're good, apparently.

No, I didn't quite get it, either.

Amy said...

Yeah, Simon, sometimes forest fires are good. Liam Neeson explained this.