Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Summer of Comedy!

That, and intense freakin' heat, but that's a given.

Yup. Today is (er..was. The hour groweth late, and the day, it draweth to a close..eth) the Summer Solstice.

To celebrate, and because I was trying to improve my outlook on life, and be more positive, and just make life happier, I was being incredibly silly today with the girls. When they made note of it (and how upsetting is it that the norm has been for me to not be in a good mood??) and asked me "Why are you being so funny today?" I responded that it was because today was the first day of Summer. ...of Comedy!

So, there you have it. For the next 92 (?) days, funniness will reign supreme. Wackiness will ensue. Americans will sue. Peggy Peggy Peggy Peggy Sue.

I figured in addition to having my "Real Life" be enveloped by the Summer of Comedy, I'd attempt to have it carry over into the P@rix as well. So, during the unbearably hot months of (the remainder of) June, July, August, September, and October (or whenever Summer officially ends, or until I get tired of it), I will blog something funny everyday. That's right, I said Funny. Everyday.
Well, maybe not necessarily "Funny", but at the very least mildly amusing. Or cynically smile inducing. Something in tribute to the Summer of Comedy.

That being said, hopefully some of the funny stuff can also be 800 words long. You know, as an added benefit.

So. Today, in addition to being the start of the Comedy of Summer (heh. Um. Other way around) was the premiere of the Television Event of the Century!!! That being the interview with the Runaway Bride!


Sadly, we missed it. But, hopefully this will mean one of two things.

a) That the Runaway Bride will move on to bigger and better things. Runaway Bride movies, perhaps?? Or maybe a Runaway Bride Action Figure. How about a Runaway Bride blog? I'd read that. Once. heh. Runaway Blog.

2) That the country will move on, and nobody will ever mention the Runaway Bride ever again. You know, like Darva Conger. (Remember her? Yeah.)

Steph and I were talking about her (the Runaway Bride, not Darva Conger) though, and I realized that "Runaway Bride" is not really accurate. She was, if anything, a Runaway Fiance. And Steph pointed out that for someone to truly be a runaway bride, they have to pretty much do the running at the ceremony. Otherwise, they're a Runaway Wife.

Anyway, I hope that the Runaway Bride winds up doing Runaway Jury Duty, or perhaps gets hit by a Runaway Train...in a Runaway Car. (Heh. Runaway Car. That was fun. And, supposedly, based on a true story.)

In conclusion, this wasn't as funny as I had intended it to be. But then, the summer has just begun.


Annika said...

I believe one (a female one, generally) is a bride on their wedding day and until the marriage is consummated.

I'm really not certain.

But that woman should have leaked a press photo before she took off. The one they used frightened the children.

Amy said...

I don't know, man. I found this all pretty entertaining.

And Darva Conger made naked pictures, right? God she has a stupid name.

P@ said...

Darva Conger probably did Playboy pix during her 15 minutes (too long) of fame, but I can't confirm that. She initially came to the public eye from that show on Fox, "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?"

I find it incredibly sad that I remember all this.