Tuesday, June 28, 2005




Remember the early seasons of Shrub, when Dubya was portrayed as being a simpleton? Not exactly bright, but certainly not maliciously evil and diabolical like in these latest seasons. Yeah. I miss the early years.




So, this entry is going to be another one of those “add on to it whenever I’ve got something to say” type of deals. You know the kind. Hopefully it will add up to the desired goal of eight hundred and fifty four words. Without feeling …unnecessarily prolix.




The spaces will signify passing time, and/or the change of subject. Just so’s we’re clear.

Now, I believe I must go screen the Maury Povich show, and “Beat Street” and attend the Discrepancy Report Meeting. First one since Fuck Face left! Should be interesting. Although somehow I doubt that there will be doughnuts. There are never any doughnuts. [sigh]




I realize that it’s probably best not to think too much about a talk show – especially one like The Maury Povich Show – but the thing I don’t get about these paternity test shows is when the guys come on and say how much of a ‘ho’ the woman is. Criticizing how ‘easy’ she is, and how she ‘sleeps with everyone’. Um. If this information is widely known, then why the hell are you sleeping with her? Granted, the urge to reproduce is strong, but show a little restraint, people!

In conclusion, I think that having to view The Maury Povich Show and The Jerry Springer Show has greatly contributed to any misanthropy that I may be exhibiting, or may exhibit in the future.




Why do I have nothing to say? I had hoped that I’d have much more written at this point in the day than I do. I mean I’m not even at the half way point in the daily goal. Sigh.



Also, my eyes hurt.



On the way into work this morning, I was listening to The Howard Stern Show (what? Sometimes it’s funny. And besides, it’s a hell of a lot better than any of the other dreck  on the radio.) Anyway. I was listening to Howard Stern, and they made mention of a news story about these scientists who removed the blood of a dog, froze it (the dog, not the blood) and then returned the blood to the body, thus reviving it – three hours later. I was going to post a link to the story along with some commentary about Zombie Dogs, but CNN has nothing on it. I guess that’s what I get for trying to get blog information from Howard Stern, eh?


But, seriously, Zombie Dogs would be cool to talk about. Lots of good stories. Plus, I mean, the Undead Army that Will’s been predicting for years? They need to have Undead Pets, don’t they? So it makes sense that they’d have to create Zombie Mutts.


Of course, in reality, this sort of “science” freaks me the fuck out. Enough with the control, issues, people. The circle of life is not meant to be tampered with.


While thinking about Zombie Dog, though, I got to thinking that it might make for an interesting and/or funny story. Zombie Dog! Perhaps paired up with someone else who has bested Death.




The Adventures of Jesus Christ and Zombie Dog!! – coming this Fall to Pax TV.




Actually, that makes me wonder – where was Jesus (or his soul, I guess) supposedly at during those three days between his crucifixion and his resurrection? Heaven? How’d that go?


Jesus: “Well, Dad, these three days have been a blast, but I got to get back down to Earth now.”

God: “’Kay. We’ll see you soon. Don’t forget to let Zombie Dog out before you go. If he poops in the house again, there’ll be hell to pay!”





Actually, maybe this whole resurrection of the dead thing will be a good thing? It’ll help put some closure on the whole “afterlife” issue. You know, like the folks in Flatliners were trying to do?





Tomorrow is going to be …interesting. At 7:30 in the morning we are having a conference call with corporate in order to work out the final Fall Schedule for both stations. (I doubt that The Adventures of Jesus Christ and Zombie Dog will make it. But maybe it could be a midseason replacement?) Anyway, we work on that, get corporate to concur with what we’ve got scheduled, and then send out the revised grids to everyone. And then, according to Tina, it’s best to leave the building, because that is when the Salespeople freak.


See, earlier in the year, a proposed schedule was created, and that is what the Sales Department has been using to get clients to buy ads. Apparently they do this every year, even though every year, the Final Schedule is ALWAYS vastly different from the Proposed Schedule. That’s all fine and dandy. Everyone is in agreement that the Proposed Schedule will NOT match the Final. Except that, from what Tina tells me, every year when the Final Schedule is released, there’s an uproar from the Sales Department about what’s been placed where. Sigh.


Maybe, though, she’s making it sound worse than it will be. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.


And, hey, look at that. I am now at …883 words for the day. Well done!


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Annika said...

"where was Jesus (or his soul, I guess) supposedly at during those three days between his crucifixion and his resurrection?"

More importantly, WHERE WAS HIS BLOOD?

Simon said...

The Adventures Of Jesus Christ And Zombie Dog *must* now be made.