Monday, June 13, 2005

Non penultimate 29

I was going to call this "Penultimate 29", but realized that that
wouldn't be accurate. YESTERDAY was. Today would be "Ultimate 29", I

But Penultimate 29 still has a cool ring to it. It sounds like an album
name. Or a Pay Per View Wrestling show.

So, yeah. I turn 30 tomorrow.

The big Three Oh.

Three decades.

Um. Yup.

Not much else to say about that. I keep saying that it isn't bothering
me - it really isn't - but at the same time, I keep bringing it up. Hmm.
The brain, it is a mysterious bitch. Or perhaps that's just my brain.

In other news, apparently the big news of the day is that Michael
Jackson may be going to jail. It's currently *inserts time stamp*
...12:50:17 PM on Monday, June 13, 2005. And the "Breaking News" is that
the verdict will be read in about 40 minutes. Fox News Channel is all a
flitter. My gut tells me he's going to be found guilty, but we shall
see. My gut has been wrong before.

Also, I shouldn't care. I feel badly for the guy.

Tonight we're going to see Bruce WayneBatman Begins.
If I'm awake enough when we get home, I may blog up a review. But I
ain't promisin' nothin'.

According to my calculations, I need to blog 830ish words a day for the
rest of the year in order to reach my goal. Doable? Perhaps. Especially
if I just blather on about nothing in particular. (I can do that! I'm
doing that now!) But will I lose readership if I do? And should it
matter? Is the goal the most important thing? Or is it making
entertaining blog entries? Or is it none of the above? Why do I blog?
Why does anyone? Why do you read blogs? Why do you read this one? Who
are these people? Where are my keys? What's going on here?


So, it's now 01:34:43 PM, and they still haven't read the results of the
Trial of the Century of the Week. But! I'm hoping that whatever the
results, that there will be riots. Isn't that what Californians do when
they release the results of celebrity trials?
Well, maybe this time we can have laugh riots instead. That would be a hoot.

*steps away from computer in order to see Fox News Network*

*returns, somewhat baffled*

Huh. Not Guilty. On every charge. Well, okay, then.

Moving on.

The day has flown by pretty q uickly. I think that it's partly because
I'm getting older. [/beating (old) dead horse] But seriously, time does
go quicker when you get older. The reason being that when you are, say,
2 weeks old, a week is half your life. But when you're 30 years old, a
week is 1/1560th of your life.

Also, I believe it's because time is on a downhill slope, and it's
gathering speed, accelerating. Like a sled. Wheee!

Yeah, I don't know either. [shrug]

Oh. Karen Denise whatever called back on Friday. This time she left a
three minute message on my voice mail. No way am I going to transcribe
all of that one. Suffice to say that it was, ultimately, more of the
same. I'm convinced that the poor woman has some sort of mental
imbalance. We used to get letters to the station written by a man who
had a similar condition - he would see conspiracies in WB shows, and
numbers, etc - but he hasn't written to us in a while. And this is the
first repeat caller we've had in a while. And the first that I've had
the experience of ...hearing. In any case, the receptionist is now aware
of her voice and will make sure that she doesn't get through to my voice
mail anymore, so out of sight, out of mind. ugh. I suppose that could be
interpreted as a pretty bad pun. I didn't intend it that way. I also
don't mean to make light of mental illness - I was really not sure
whether I wanted to post the original message to begin with, for fear
that it would look like I was mocking her. I think that she needs
someone to look after her, and feel sorry that someone obviously is not
doing so right now. [sigh] Situations suck.

I can't believe it's almost 3pm! I'll be going home in about an hour or
so, and then we'll drive the girls across town to Steph's mom's house,
then trek on over to the ...actually, I'm not sure which theater the
sneak preview of Batman Begins is going to be at. Either the Palms or
the Orleans. Both are really close to my work, but it's gonna be a lot
of driving for moi. Pity I don't have a Batmobile. Man, that would be a
cool car. Although I doubt that the car seats would fit... I guess
that's why Batman doesn't have Batbabies.

*gets up to go something other than sit at my desk*

*returns at 4:34:15 PM to email this to myself so that it can be blogged*

*goes home*

It's now almost Flag Day, and we are (obviously) back from our outing. (it was at the Orleans, for those who are keeping track at home) I am very tired, and therefore won't do a full review of Batman Begins, but I'll sum up with this: It's very very good. I KNOW that Batman fans won't be disappointed. And even if you aren't a fan of Batman (what are you, some kind of Republican or something??) it's still a very enjoyable ride. The movie felt epic. In a good way.

Well, that's it. Next time I blog, I'll be a whole year older.


Anonymous said...

You're turning 30...


Having been there I have no sympathy at all ;)

As for Fox News... for fuck's sake, watch an actual news channel. Fox News is an entertainment show, not a news show; they've said so themselves. This is what allows them to be utterly biased and non-factual. At least they managed to report the MJ thing right... maybe.

N. E. Huan

Jess said...

I was listening to Your Most Valuable Possession by Ben Folds Five, and it reminded me of your wacky voice message. You should write some spacey music and play the recording over it.

Amy said...

You have 132 fewer words to write tomorrow!

Oh man! It's only a month until Bastille Day!


Min said...

Happy P@FLAG Day!

Simon said...

Oh, boy! A kinda BOQ!

But will I lose readership if I do?

And should it matter?

Is the goal the most important thing?

Or is it making entertaining blog entries?

Or is it none of the above?
It's all of them and none of them - each blog entry's purpose is slightly different.

Why do I blog?
My gut feeling is that there are things that you want to say and this is the best forum for them.

Why does anyone?
Many reasons, most of which I do not know.

Why do you read blogs?
What can I say? I'm a knowledge seeker.

Why do you read this one?
It's brilliantly written.

Who are these people?
Your readers!

Where are my keys?
I keep mine in my pockets, unless they are opening doors...

What's going on here?
You don't wanna know...