Thursday, June 09, 2005

Phone calls! We get your phone calls! We get your phone calls everyday!

Transcript of a voice mail message I received at 11:49 am, Wednesday, June 8th

[note - the woman was talking incredibly fast and was sometimes hard to understand]

Hi, my name is Karen Denise [inaudible].There is a wire tap on my
telephone everyday. I talk a lot about this for Mad TV. Guess what. The
number one movie this week has the word "mad" in the movie title.

Like a safety pin is a safety pin, there are too many promotional plugs
in the 1985 movie, The Adventures of the American Rapid.

Please see what the movie Leprechaun... please see what the
movie Leprechaun say about "franchise" or "finger lickin' good".

I love chocolate, especially Hershey's chocolate. I love to call Willy
Wonka a pioneer. In the movie Willy Wonka [and the] Chocolate
, Willy Wonka is called a legendary magician.

In the 1981 movie, Nothing To Show For It, a man is tricked out
of his money. Also in the Mel Brooks movie, Life Stinks, the man
is tricked out of his money.

Please see what the movie Trancers 3 [or maybe she said
Transfers 3?] say about steroids and Wonder Woman.

I love to say "all time favorites", "ultimate [inaudible...sounds like
'cheese'] spirit", "one of a kind", "always strive for excellence",
"hands down", "make it to the top of the list" and a lot of stuff.

Goldie Hawn is in the movie... Goldie Hawn is in the Broadway autopsy
hot tub movie, Death Becomes Her. Also ..uh let me go ahead and
say something else. When I'm done with something, I love to say, "I'm
done with that.".

I talk a lot about the movie The Bang in the movie Toy

In the 1981 movie, Megamonsters, the megamonsters say, "You name
it...have a little faith in me."

Goldie Hawn's book made it...Goldie hawn's book made it on the top ten
non-fiction bestsellers book list. Guess who has a new book...guess who
has a new children's book. Madonna! Madonna. Madonna is also in the
handcuff movie, Body of Evidence.

Please take this message to the police. Let the police know
there's a wiretap on our telephone everyday. When Curtis the first [??]
did work on his home...


Excuse me. Pardon me. When Curtis the first did work on his home, Curtis
the first would weekly put wiretaps on his telephone. From his skeleton
home. He's the best from his home. And also Curtis the first would put
smell and sound fiction device in his home.

Please take these messages to the police, thank you and God bless you.

Yes, please take these message to the police.


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Whatever she's on, I want some of it.


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Well, there really is a series of straigt-to-video movies called "Trancers". Does that help?

Hi P@. Welcome back to the internets.


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That is whack!

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