Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My day so far.

Awesome. Weird. Awesomely weird.

Woke up at 5, since today is a CAT bus day. Groggily got up, poured
myself a bowl of Psuedo Lucky Charms, read some of my book (which, I
need to blog about the books I got from the library on Sunday. Remind
myself to do that, okay, P@?), showered. Showering woke me up - some.
Blah blah blah. Got ready the rest of the way, and left the house at
6:15. When I stepped outside, the first thing I noticed was a puddle
near the back of the car. My first thought (yay for jumping to
conclusions!!) was that the radiator had sprung some kind of leak and
that the car was gonna be FUBAR.

I approached the car and got a closer look (with Kevin Trudeau) and
found that my conclusion jumping was unfounded. (Heh. Found that it was
unfounded? I bet my English teachers ain't too happy with that one.) It
turned out that it had rained sometime in the night, and the puddle was
just left over from the storm.

Walked to the bus stop and got on the bus with Spike Lee and about 15
other Vegasians. The bus driver informed the crowd that the bus "has
air, but it isn't working." Hmm. I'm hoping for a different bus on the
way home, because 'round 4pm, that ain't gonna be a fun vehicle to be
in. Fortunately, at 6:35 in the morning, the heat wasn't too bad.

Once we got over the I-15, I saw that the on ramp was shut down, with a
police cruiser blocking the entrance and lots of orange cones.
Eavesdropping from some fellow bus rider's conversations (not that they
were being all secretive), I heard that a semi had overturned on the
freeway, and they had shut it down. Ick. I thought of Steph, since she'd
be going out that way today with the girls, and mentally reminded myself
to email her about it as soon as I got in. (Done!)

Got to the bus stop, got off the bus, and began walking toward 7-11 for
a Super Big Gulp. (I needed some caffeine) While in line with my soda, I
heard a distant "boom" from outside. I wondered briefly what it was, but
no one else seemed to notice, and I didn't see any explosions, so it was
quickly forgotten.

Bought my soda - oh, and by the way, I'm on to you 7-11!! I know all
about your evil penny conspiracy. See, Super Big Gulps are (for a
limited time) 89 cents. Which, with tax, comes to 96. So when you use a
dollar to pay for it, gives you four cents change. Basically, 7-11 wants
to get rid of all of their pennies. Nice try, Sev, but I ain't falling
for it! I put the pennies in the penny container and began walking to work.

While walking, I thought to myself, "Taking the bus is kinda cool. You
get to see so many unusual things when you walk that you miss when you
drive." What had spurred that thought was the inordinate amount of
baseball cards I saw lying in the street. The things were EVERYWHERE!
I wondered who had dropped them, and what the story behind them was. Did
someone simply say, "Baseball cards? Bah! Who needs these?" and decide
to toss their four year collection out the window? Was it some modern
day Hansel and Gretel, lost in the city of Las Vegas, leaving a trail of
Mark McGuires to find their way home? I may never know.

As I was continuing my walk, I noticed a half-opened package of fish on
the sidewalk. (See? Strangest things!) There were ants swarming all over
it. I had time to say "Awesome!" out loud, and then I was soaking wet.

A downpour of rain came out of nowhere - seriously, the sky above me was
still blue! - and completely drenched me (my hair is still not
completely dry) for the rest of my walk (about two and a half blocks). I
laughed out loud as the rain washed over me. The lighting flashes in the
distance provided visual entertainment, and the extra loud thunderclap
completed the experience.

Once I got inside, I put away my lunch, powered up the computer, emailed
Steph, and blogged this. The rain, quickly as it started, has already
gone. Although a coworker says that it's supposed to be like this all
day, so maybe I'll have more weather related tales to tell later. The
day is turning out great, and it's not even eight o'clock yet.


Min said...

I rode the bus to work today too! (For the first time ever.) AND I was rained on! But I was much less thrilled about it than you were.

Simon said...

Rain can be so brilliant from time to time. I much prefer it with umbrellas, though.