Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Hi ho

Today is my 10 year anniversary at work. A full decade. I suppose that
means something. Last year I listed all the WB programs that have ever
aired on the Frog Network. This year, since I'm at my new job, I think
I'll just point out the highlights of the day. It's not quite 7 am, and
I'm alone in this building. I've got my computer up and running
(obviously) and I have the following windows open: WordPad (duh),
Microsoft Excel (wherein I'm working on the Worst. Project. Ever....2.
[long story]), Microsoft Internet Explorer (which is currently at
palas.sbgnet.com. PALAS is the main program I use through the day.
Without it, I doubt seriously that I would get my job done at all. In
essence, it's a programming grid that can be manipulated by yours truly.
Fun!), and Mozilla for my emails (I have no new messages)

I still need to watch Catholic Mass. Well, not exactly "watch". I'll pop
it in the machine and make sure that it has audio, video, and that the
length is 28 minutes and 30 seconds, but I'm sure as hell (heh) not
going to sit through an entire half hour of church.

Also today I will be screening The Maury Povich Show that will be airing
on Thursday. Turns out that will be (checks PALAS) ...episode #011003.
Huh. Repeats again, eh? Guess that's what happens when sweeps ends.
Which it does. Tomorrow. Which means "book" ends tomorrow. (Heh. Book
ends.) From all reports thus far, it's been a bad sweeps for us. Nobody
watches our station(s). I don't understand why. I mean with such
^quality programming^, you would think more people would be tuned to us.
I guess the Las Vegas citizens simply don't have good taste.

And HEY!! I just saw Danny! I haven't seen him in months! Cool. He came
up here to fix some log errors (anytime Master Control makes a mistake
on the log, it needs to be corrected - by the person who made the error.
Even if it's some simple little change of one number, it must be done by
the person who signed on. Because the logs are [important voice]
OFFICIAL FCC DOCUMENTS [/important voice], so anyone else
altering them would be a [important voice] Violation of the
Law!! [/important voice].) Anyway, he had a couple of Log Errors
to correct, and since the logs are stored up here in the cubicle next to
mine, I got to see an old coworker. Groovy.

[sigh] I decided to check and see what the episode of Maury I'd be
screening today was (I figured it would be a paternity test episode - 9
times out of 10 it is - but it isn't! ("You are NOT the father!") Heh.
Instead, I'm getting...well, let's let the listings speak for themselves:

AIR DATE 5/26/05 SHOW # 0110-03R
They are complete opposites – but they are madly in love! Richard was so
blown away when he met
Kim – he asked her to move in after three days together! They were
married shortly after – and three years later, they are still smitten.
Let’s just say there is a lot of Kim to love! When Brian first met his
co-worker Kay, he says he fell for her instantly. He worked up the nerve
to confess his feelings to her and found out she was feeling the same
sparks! It’s been nine years and their love is still going strong. They
both say the three decades between them is no big deal for them, so it
shouldn’t be a big deal for anyone else! They may be head over heels in
love but you won’t believe your eyes when you meet the odd couples on
today’s MAURY!

On the bright side, at least it shouldn't have any OBIN issues. (OBIN is
short for OBsecnity and INdecency, and basically means anything that
would be upsetting to our nations puritanical viewpoints. You know,
boobies or words that rhyme with duck.) We shall see in an hour or so.
In the meantime, I think I'll get back to work on the Worst. Project.
Ever. 2.

Nearly 9 now. Still going strong on WPE2, and just got off the phone
with Matt, who wanted further input on editing a movie (The Fourth
Floor with Juliette Lewis, for those that are curious). I told him
that it doesn't really need editing (it doesn't!) because we got a
secondary email from corporate about this movie saying to "edit at your
discretion". And since nothing "taboo" is shown in the scene (Ms. Lewis
is in a bathrobe, sans bra), I say we let it go. Besides, it's aired
once before without having any blurring added, so why do it now? All
editing will do is draw more attention to it.

Woo! 10:04 am, and I am now done with Worst Project Ever 2!! Well,
except for the last 3 days of sweeps (yesterday, today, and tomorrow)
but that's because those logs aren't done yet. So I guess it would be
more accurate to say I'm up to date with it. Even so, work was
accomplished! Hooray!

Well, time to go see what's going on with Connie Chung's husband.

11:08 am, and Maury is OBIN free. Fooking great!

1:24 pm, and I just got back from lunch. I watched part of the
penultimate episode of Buffy. Dreck! The promos for "Oilstorm" were
better then that crap. And Oilstorm looks hilariously bad. Man, I miss
cable for the bad b-movies. For those not in the know, Oilstorm is a
made for TV movie that FX will be airing sometime in June. And it's
about Peak Oil! You know it's too late when Hollywood starts
making movies about it. Anywhat, the hilarious tagline for this movie is
"America's lifeline has been severed." Heh. If anyone out there has
cable and watches Oilstorm, let me know how it goes.

Also, Raynette just played her kazoo to the tune of Happy Birthday in
recognition of my anniversary date. (Yeah, don't ask.)

Baseball game on the 2nd!! Which means we need to pre-empt the news.
Fired off an email to the news manager to remind her, and made the
changes in PALAS. Now to email TV guide and Tribune and Nielsen to let
them know. Wow. Work blogs are boring! Um. I don't know why I
ended that with an exclamation point. I guess I thought that if I added
some exciting punctuation, it would spice up the words around it. Or
perhaps I was being sarcastically enthusiastic in an attempt to make
this worth reading. Or just trying to wake myself up.

Failed on all those accounts, didn't I?

It's 2:55, and I'm feeling drained. I think it's due, in part, to the
coldness of the cubicle I'm in. Nowhere near as cold as master control
was, but it is pretty chilly. Maybe I need to take a walk outside in the
triple degree heat.

Wow. It's 4:36 now, and aside from Linda and Raynette, nobody has said
word one about my 10 year mark here. I guess 10 years doesn't really
mean much. I mean, not even cake. Or a mass email? [shrug] Oh well.
Maybe they're saving the celebration for when I hit the 20 year mark.

So, yeah. I guess I'm kinda bitter about the whole ordeal (or lack thereof?) but whatever. I shouldn't let it bother me. But dude. 1/3 of my life!

Okay, moving on.

I still want to make a post about Saren's karate class - I was going to do that yesterday, I think I'll save it for tomorrow - and now I'm getting all this internet interaction stuff going on: Emails, PMs, and questions in my comments. ^Stop taking up my free time, internet weirdos!^

Um. Yeah. I don't have anything else to add right now. More tomorrow.


Amy said...

"or words that rhyme with duck"

Fluck? Heee!

Also! This may prove that I am the most boring person ever, but how do you edit out indecency? I mean, by what means? Because I saw this movie on Bravo one time, and there were editted out boobs, but they way it was done was that the frame was cut off at boob-height, and then the rest was stretched to fit. And then when there were no boobs, it went back to normal. It was actually pretty cool. And so impressed was I at the editting that the censorship didn't even piss me off!

But then, I'm not sure if it was Bravo doing this or if it was just the film. I think it was just the film.

P@ said...

Jupe said:
but how do you edit out indecency? I mean, by what means? Because I saw this movie on Bravo one time, and there were editted out boobs, but they way it was done was that the frame was cut off at boob-height, and then the rest was stretched to fit. And then when there were no boobs, it went back to normal.
I've seen that type of editing!
Sadly, our censorship technology at our station is not that advanced. In regard to profanity, I simply edit out the "offensive" word. Or more accurately, I record over the audio track with no sound.

When it comes to bad fingers (heh) or nudity, the program is given to production, and they blur it. The blurring is done by recording a separate track of video over whatever needs to be covered via the magic of computers.

I don't know that i explained this very well, but my excuse is that I'm currently pretty tired.

Amy said...

I much prefer silent bleeping to, like, actual bleeping (Do they even do that anymore?) or different words. Although I really like that part in The Shining where Jack Nicholson says he loves the little son of a buck and he would never freakin' hurt him. It's awesome.

Are your blurry fingers fuzzy or pixelated!

Holy crap could I be more boring!

P@ said...

Jupe said:
I much prefer silent bleeping to, like, actual bleeping (Do they even do that anymore?) or different words.
It seems that the talk shows (Maury, Jerry, Burly, Sleepy, Sneezy, etc) use bleeps. The movies that are pre-edited generally change the words ("Motherlover!") I could change the words, if I had enough time and wanted to, but silent bleeping is much easier.

Are your blurry fingers fuzzy or pixelated!

Heh. We generally use fuzz, but have the pixel option as well. It's all up to the individual editor.

Min said...

Congrats on your 10 year. That really is lame that they didn't at least bring you cupcakes. Motherfletchers!

Amanda said...

At ten years, you should at least get some crappy little gift. On my five year anniversary next year, I get more vacation. Woohoo! You'd think the longer you stay, the better gifts you get, (what could be better than more vacation?), but I think after 5, we get crappy gifts.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 10 years. I've never made that long anywhere. Hmmm...unless you count my marriage as work (hey, a good marriage can be), in which case I'm heading towards 16 yrs. And motherhood...THAT'S work! and I'm 19 1/2 years and counting.

Anyway, just wanted you to know that your work blogs are not boring.


Simon said...

Ten years! That be a long time, my good Sir. Nice windows. I like WordPad. It's quirky and cool.