Friday, May 27, 2005


God, it sucks. Stupid, stupid, stupid heat. Ack.

Okay. I have several posts that I kept meaning to make, and keep not making them. (Ugh. That was a grammatical mishmash.)

I don't have time (of course!) right now, but I can briefly touch on what they were to be about. (And may yet be. Who knows what the future would...future will be)

1) Saren's Karate class. About how her teachers are crappy. Except for one of them.

2) The WB Upfront Presentation. That was done on the 17th of this month, and I totally meant to blog about it then. I still have not, over a week later. Go team procrastination!

3) A weird question I have. This is not really long enough to be a post on it's own, so I'll just ask it here now: If you wanted to get arrested, but hadn't committed a crime, could you? I mean, if you simply walked into the police station and you are a innocent citizen, could you request that they lock you up, or do you have to have broken a law first? (I told you it was a weird question)

4) LOST. Dude. [/Hurley]

5) Jebus, it is fucking hot.

Okay. I must go hunt and gather for the family. Sigh. Such are the duties of the modren man. (Note: Modren is not a typo.)


Amy said...

I'm pretty sure you can. Get arrested I mean. At least, if the cops are crooked, you can.

Simon said...

Could you possibly claim asylum in a police station?