Friday, September 24, 2010

borrowing Soupy's thunder

I'm not stealing it, see. I'm just borrowing it, I guess.

Soupytwist has been blogging about art all this month. (Or maybe it's Art. Probably both.)
Anyway. She has talked about movies and television and books, but one thing that she hasn't mentioned (that I've seen) is video games.

So. Can video games be art? I would argue that they can be, if movies are, since video games are just movies that are controlled by individuals.

But, then, if video games are art...what about board games? Or card games? Or just any game at all - is freeze tag performance art? Or is it simply fun?

And what constitutes a game, anyway? You can make a game out of anything if you try hard enough (it's sometimes the only way to make time pass in a bearable fashion "Let's see how many people buy Marlboros this hour.") so...I'm not sure what my point is, other than I've been awakr for waaaay too long, and so I'm pretty exhausted at this point.

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