Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Know your audience

hm. i feel I may have used that particular title previously. Eh. Whatchya gonna do?


I had this thought that I would attempt to blog daily again, at least for this month. And I was thinking that I would actually write fiction this time.
I also thought, should I even bother? And I also also thought, should I just write it and not publish it on my blog?

I have a lot of thoughts.

None of them ever seem to be conclusive, which is irritating.

Tonight will not be fiction, because a) I'm quite tired and it's already nearly 10:45pm.
b) I excel at finding excuses for not writing.

So, instead. Today's blog post will simply be a gauge of whether there are people still stopping by, and also a quick opinion poll: Which of these stories should I work on, based on the title?
Stupid Monsters
Still Life
Hunger Strike
Fast Food of the Gods
Evil Under the Sun

*astute readers of the P@rix will note that, yes, this would be the latest version of the ever elusive Wolf story.


Annika said...

I can't decide between Hunger Strike and Fast Food of the Gods.

It's possible that I am letting my lack of breakfast think for me.

Amy said...