Sunday, August 31, 2003

Track 12: Everyone's in Love with You

I'm cheating. I'm publishing this now, and then I'm going to edit in the real entry in a bit, after I've been able to type it up.

Unfair? Yeah, probably. But, hey, it's the last entry, and I'm entitled. (I don't know why.)

A longer entry will be coming soon. Just wait for it.

Okay here's the entry I wanted to type up, but had run out of time earlier. It's a bloq!!
And it ties in (sorta) with the entry's title. Because it's about stalking. It's a stalk-bloq!!

<b>Do you think that reading people's blogs should have a different name besides "stalking"? Doesn't that seem a bit of a negative term?</b>

<b>Do you enjoy people stalking your blog? What about strangers?</b>

<b>There are many songs about stalking (the bad kind, that is. I don't know of any songs about reading blogs). What is one of your favorite "stalking" songs?</b>

<b>Do you know what time the celery stalks?</b>

<b>"Why are we so blind to see that the ones we hurt are you and me?</b>

and finally...

<b>Do you have any real life stalker stories? Please feel free to share and creep the rest of us out!!</b>

I saved that last question for...last, because its bound to be the one that generates the longest answers.

Well, that's it, folks. I know that I didn't go for 12 hours, exactly, but this is entry #12, and it will be the last one I do for the blog-a-thon. I think overall it was a smashing success. (Heh. I said 'smashing') Let's all give each other a round of applause.

And, I know most of you are still kinda exhausted...but...what do ya'll think about making this a semi-regular event?

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