Saturday, August 16, 2003


Didjya ever have one of those days?
Sure. I've also had "one of those nights", lovely days", "the worst day since yesterday", and a lot of other day and night songs. [up]

"Give me something to sing about!!"
Pancakes. There really aren't enough songs about pancakes. Also, I'm craving pancakes right now.
("Life's a show" from Once More, With Feeling)

I think that the word "August" would be a good name for an illegal drug. (Yeah, I'm weird) If you were going to create a name for a new drug (please, refrain from any Huey Lewis and the News references), what would you call it?
September. Heh.

What's the deal with gay marriage, yo?
I'm sure the conservatives are glad that the blackout moved that issue from the main page...

"If I could frame my mind where would it hang?"
Sadly, I've lost my mind, and therefore can neither frame nor hang it.
("Open Road Song" by Eve 6)

On August 22nd, I will have been here for 1234 days. My car's mileage recently hit 111111 miles. What milestones are you approaching?
Erm... Well, I guess the car's next biggie will be 123456.7. Should hit sometime in December?
And Saren just had her 6th birthday.
Otherwise, [shrug]

I know it's been asked a billion times before but...what new icon would you like to see on the board?
This is a reminder to myself to make (or have Stephanie make) that one icon ...

Do you keep a blog? If so, wanna give me the address and allow me to link to it from mine?
God, I am so lame.

If you had to change your username, what would you change it to?
I'd probably use username, which is what I am over at IshCon. [up]

and finally....

Go ahead, ask me a question.
That's not a question.

This was not what I originally wanted to post, but hey, whatchya gonna do?

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