Sunday, August 24, 2003

Accomplishments are for losers.

God, I'm hiliarous.

Wow. I've got nothing to blog about. Sheesh. I hope that next week, during the blog-a-thon (heh. I originally typed out "blog-a-thong"), I dont' suffer from this problem.

I want a Pepsi.

Holy sheep!! It's almost September!! Man.

I was watching a baseball game today (I was being paid to watch it) and the following semi-formed thought(s) occured to me. Figured I'd share:

The umpires are shaping the future. They control how future generations will remember this game. If an umpire makes a call that a player struck out, when maybe in reality that player did not (say the ball was not in the strike zone, but the ump said it was), then that is how the game's stats will go down in the books. And in baseball they keep track of everything a player does. (I mean everything) So that call effects the "vaulability" of the player in the future as well.

Kinda powerful.

And then I started thinking about how it's done in society. How what judges say in a court decision effect future generations (as long as they continue to care about the law, that is).

Er...I don't know what I'm blathering about. Ignore me.

The sad thing is, now I'll end up getting baseball ads. Google is so lame-o patame-o sometimes.

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