Sunday, August 31, 2003

Track 4: Like Humans Do

"There's definitely, definitely, definitely no logic. To human behavior."

And really, Bjork, why should there be? We are animals. Do you expect logic in cat behavior? Or in the behavior of salamanders? Or in robots?

Well, okay, in robots.

The thing is, too often we try to separate ourselves from nonhumans. Which is doable, I guess. Because we're different in a lot of ways, but the problem comes when we try to act like we're better simply because we're different.

I'd say that that is "just human nature", but for millions of years, it wasn't. It wasn't until recently (relatively speaking) that we began to act as though humans were the rulers of all around us.

Human. I like that word. I like that animal. (Sometimes.)

What else? I don't remember. I feel like I'm failing at this horribly. [crying] (I used the [crying] icon, because it's comical. The tears are just too dramatic to take seriously, ya know? And I was being ...what's the word? Melodramatic. yeah. Like Humans Do.

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