Sunday, August 31, 2003

Track 8: Neighborhood

These are the people in your neighborhood. [grin]

Hard to believe I'm 2/3rds of the way done. Doing this certainly does make the day go by quicker. Although I'm still feverish. Which is fun in it's own way. (Note: not fun).

I don't really have anything to say in regard to the title of this one, so instead, I will ramble about...oh, something.

What to say, what to say?

I was thinking of talking Quinn (I've already been doing it in previous entries. Cuz I'm sneaky like that.) But I didn't want to appear monomaniacal. (Heh. Recently learned word!) And also, I'm feverish. So I'll find something else to talk 'bout.

I wanted to do some poetry. But:
nobody reads poetry
b) my poetry is especially bad
3) don't you have to be inspired to write poems? Yeah. And my inspiration is currently ...elsewhere. St. Elsewhere, maybe. Hey! That ties back in to my earlier post about TV Theme songs. I'm all...something.

The other day I was watching someone here at work play Civilization III. Or maybe Age of Empires. In any case, it was one of those computer games where you build a society, and attack the other folks, and spread and conquer and do all that Taker stuff.
Gah. I started with the Quinn talk again!

It looked fun, though.

Well, for a while. Then I was like, man, this could get old pretty quickly. Who knew that playing god was so time consuming? And monotonous.

Two sneezes! Three! Mm. Sickness = enjoyable. I'm being sarcastic, in hopes that it will make my body feel better. It's not working. I'll be sure to let the medical professionals know.

Speaking of professionals, I've not been to the WD today. !!! Freaky. I've been spending the online portions of the day either typing, or reading other blogs, or websurfing in order to provide an entertaining "site of the hour". (I don't yet have one for this hour. Crud.)

What was my point? Oh!! I was going to say that when I had last been at the board, I'd put forth the WD Book Club idea. And it had seemed (then, anyway, who knows 'bout now) to be rather popular. (Duh.) So I think when I go back (either later today, or, more likely, next month), I'll start it up. (Cue Rolling Stones guitar chords in my head)

I think I'll go with Slaughterhouse Five for the first trick. I reread it last month, but I might want to rereread it, if I want to be absolutely current with the discussion group.

Cindy's previous mention of the Book Club Blog was a great one, but that'll require a little more prep work, I think. In other words, I don't think it'll be up for September. But ya never know.

Site of the hour - M-O-O-N. That spells "site of the hour".

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