Friday, August 15, 2003

They say it's your birthday!

Chuck E. Cheese has the most amazing ability to drain the power out of me. Not in a bad way, mind you, because we had fun, but now that I'm home, I'm beat.

Highlights of Saren's 6th birthday:

  • Waking up at 11am. (Not that unusual. Although normally we wait until noon)

  • Had breakfast at IHOP. (Funny face pancakes. And on the menu, Saren drew an invention of a robot/cat/monster with fire hair. Way cool.)

  • Two holes punched into her earlobes. (Yep. We got Saren's ears pierced. She had been wanting to get it done for a few weeks, and we told her that it would hurt just a little, but if she really wanted to go through with it, we'd do it. She did, so she now has fairly cute flower earrings in her ears. She was totally thrilled with herself about them, and this may have been the apex of the day for her.)

  • Talked to Annika. (With what seemed to be from my point of view a rather abrupt goodbye. Hey, bettie - was her decision to just suddenly go strange to you too?)

  • Dinner at Chuck E. Cheese. (Way WAYY!! overpriced pizza & drinks & tokens + family + friends + giant anthromorphic rat giving hugs + games that give tickets + cake + presents = happy Saren.)

I'd make a list of the presents she recieved, but I'd be here until next year. Suffice to say, materialistically, she's doing fine now. (not that she was suffering beforehand)

Now we're home, and I'm blogging about it, and Stephanie still needs to do her writing and I'm going to play Battleship with Saren. [up]

Happy Birthday, Saren. I love ya.

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