Sunday, August 31, 2003

Track 3: The Great Intoxication

I should be drunk for this one.

Oh well.

This will be my last entry at home. (For a while, anyway.)

I love this song, btw. "Who's still working on his masterpiece?" heh.

Speaking of questions that intrigue and annoy, I still need to type up the September PMQ. September!! Man.

It's funny how many different ways people will find to get high. Paint? I mean, seriously - paint!?!

Speaking of - when I was in junior high school, I thought it would be "witty" for me to snort eraser bits. You know when you erase stuff, and it leaves a little bit of the eraser behind? I lined a lot of those up and tried to inhale them through my nose.

End result? A rather painful headache.

I also used to pretend that if I drank root beer, and consumed M&Ms at the same time, I would get drunk.

I was very much a strange kid.

I guess not much has changed, really.

Well, some stuff has changed. But overall, I'm still crazy after all these years. Or is that still lazy after all these years?

Or perhaps, to make it fit with the title - I'm still hazy after all these beers.

Oy. I think I should apologize to Paul Simon.

Site of the hour - Mmm. Intoxicating.

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