Sunday, August 31, 2003

Track 10: The Moment of Conception

The song is just too brilliant.

If you'll indulge me for a moment:

At the moment of conception
I could see someone approaching
Will you be my disco dancer?
I could use a little coaching
Will you be my secret lover?
Mother, Father, Sister, Brother too

I was born without a conscience
Full of freedom, full of nonsense
From the mountains to the beaches
Eat the apples, steal the peaches
Will you be this wild child's lady?
Will you carry me to safety?

Lock me up & take me home
I don't wanna be free
Goin' crazy - on my own
It's not where I wanna be

I behave without compassion
I see things I want to smash them
When I put our love in danger & treat you like a total stranger
I don't really want to hurt you
I would stop it if I could do

Blame my school & blame my parents
& the genes that I inherit
Blame it on my older sister for showing me her dirty pictures
Blame the TV & the movies
Blame the lawyers & the juries

Lock me up & take me home
I don't wanna be free
Goin' crazy - on my own
It's not where I wanna be

At the moment of conception
At the moment of conception

I wish I was David Byrne. The man is incredible.

I feel the same way about Danny Elfman. And John Lennon. And Leonard Cohen. And, to a lesser degree, Ben Folds.
And Daniel Quinn (although not musically. Although I wonder if he's ever written any music.)

So many people have such incredible talent, and when I hear the songs by these people, it ...I don't know. I feel slightly inspired, to do my own writing. Even though I know that my stuff is nowhere near as good. And that doesn't really bother me, not like it used to anyway. There was a time (sometime in the past year,I'm sure) that I came to the point in regard to the Perth story that I was saying to myself:
"Self, it doesn't matter if I never get this story published. Or even if nobody even reads any of it. Or even if it sucks out loud. All you need to do, self, is write it, and you can enjoy it."

And that helped me feel really good about writing the story.

And then, of course, time passed, and I didn't write, and blah. I should try to get that mantra back, and see if the story will flow again.

I considered actually making my blog entries for the blog-a-thon be parts of the story. Of course, that goes against what I had just said about not needing other people to read the work, which is part of why I didn't go that route.
Also, I don't know that it's something that could really work in a blog-format. Or at least, not this blog. (heh.) [For those not in the know, I have a secret 'test' blog, wherein I put future-posts and play with HTML and whatnot. I might (might) start working on the Perth story there....]

Huh. And now, I'm all of a sudden thinking of getting all wordy (well, not really wordy, I suppose 'verbose' would be a more accurate phrase) and posting about my mum, and about the time I ran away, and about other personal stuff. Must mean I should take a break from being online. Or that I should do that. But save it for either another entry, or another day when I'm not in the midst of a blog-a-thon.

The last two entries aren't exactly ones that lend themselves to discussing either of the aforementioned personal tales. Although, it's not like I'm talking about conception (in regards to life) in this one. I am talking about conception of ideas (in a very roundabout way),

Ooh! The season premiere of Everwood is September 15th. That means I can go back to looking for Everwood/Buffyverse connections again. Huzzah!!

Speaking of premieres, when's Alias start up again? It feels like it's been two years since I last saw SpyBarbie and the gang.

Site of the hour - Genius at work.

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