Monday, September 01, 2003


Oy. It's almost painful to be back at my blog.

I'm kidding, of course. It's like sweet, sweet heroin.

It's painful to be at work, but hey, what are ya gonna do - starve? [canned laughter]

I could playfully bitch about the work conditions today, but my jello brain isn't up to the task. Let's just say one word on the matter, shall we? And that word will be Ants.

In other news, today is Labor Day. A day that is massively confusing to just about anyone that is me. I mean, what is Labor Day, anyway? (Saren asked that today, and we didn't have an answer for her. It's just a day off, was about the best we could come up with.) But, honestly, it's a day to celebrate...working? What the fuck?

Anywhat, I decided to do some research into the matter (not really...although I did consider googling it up for a few minutes. I chose to be lazy, though, and not find out the truth.) and I discovered that all holidays are simply celebrations of birthdays of famous people. Every holiday!!

It's true!

Don't believe me? Well, I shall provide you with a handy-dandy table. And then it will be truth. Because anything that is found on the internet is true.

HolidayWho's Birthday it is
Valentine's Day
Mr. Burns ("I bring you love!")
Groundhog DayPuxatawney Phil (or perhaps Bill Murray)
St. Patrick's DayLucky the Leprechaun
ChristmasSanta Claus
ThanksgivingThe Pilgrims (yes. All of them.)
Pearl Harbor DayPearl Harbor (some actress from the '30's)
Flag Daythe P@
Labor DayThe Man

Hope that helps. Happy Labor Day, everyone.

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