Thursday, September 04, 2003

MarioKart, wherefore art thou?

I'm irritated. I can't find MarioKart. Or maybe it's MarioKart64. I can't remember. And I can't find it, so I have no way of determining one way or another.

I got lots more sleep last night than typical on a Wednesday, but even so, my brain is sluggy. But no t in the irritating way. In the 'things are kidnsa fnnny" way. If you know what I mean. AND I THINK YOU! DO!

Saren would like to tell you all taht THE SKY IS FALLING!!!

I wish that the occupation of Town Cryier still existed. So sad that most towns don't have one anymore. I think Saren would be a good one.

My foot, it is a sleep. Mon. Heehehee! "Mon." Like I'm a Jamiacian or something.

I earelier , I had this vision that I'd be all typey of my story, and then I'd post it, in big chunks, and people would be all, "Whoa, P@, that was good. I cn't wait for more." And shit. Twas a good Ahh. Vision world.

Dude!!!! Spangel is starting in like soon.

Oh, speaking of - I recorded this WBTeleconfrence today, in which the network execs were all, "Da da da, we're so great. Da da da, our shows rule."
It was amusing.
And boring.

It was Bormusing.

The bad thing, though, was that they didn't mention Spangel AT ALL!!! (That's okay. Sorta. I mean, they didn't mention 7th Heaven or Everweood either, so it's not like SPangel was the only show not getting the love, but sheesh. They were all gaga over Tarzan. (I've seen promos, and here is my opinion: BARFOLICIOUS!!) And they were pretty hyped about the Pepsi Play FOr A Billion thing. (Sunday, September 14th. Check your local listings.) but no mention of our dear vampire dectective agency. [frown]. I mean [brood].

What else? There was thungder earlyer. BOOMOLICIOUS!! Yay thunder!

It's the fourth already! September is over in just like another two days. So sady.

I need soem food. Cookies preferably.

That is all. Thatks for reading.

Love, UTP@!

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