Sunday, September 07, 2003

Brace yourself.

Heh. I'm all nervous about this entry, because I'm talking about myself. Silly P@.

I've had a small overbite (or maybe it's an underbite. I'm not really sure what the correct term is.) for years. I assume all of my life, however, I've only been aware of it for the past twelve years or so. I had a dentist point it out to me, and since then it's bothered me. I wonder if I'd've ever even known about it if he hadn't brought it to my attention. Oh well.

In addition to the overbite (underbite? - the problem is that my front teeth and bottom teeth don't line up. So if I were to bite a sandwich, sometimes bits are left in the sandwich, rather than in my mouth.), I also have a gap between my two front teeth. Nothing major, but it's irritating to me.

I saw a commercial the other day for Invisalign, which is invisible braces that seem to correct spaces between teeth in adults within a short amount of time.

I would be really interested in getting that, except that we're poor, and can't be spending money on cosmetic surgery. Oh well. Maybe if we ever win the lottery.

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