Sunday, September 14, 2003

Lawnmower Man

Tomorrow (, when I wake up) I'm going to engage in battle with our front and back yards. I'm both excited and terrified.

I'll keep everyone updated on how it goes.

Mowing the lawn is a bit like being in the shower for me, in that whenever I am partaking in that activity, my brain seems to go into hyper-mode, and I do a lot of Deep Thinking.

If tomorrow follows suit, I should wind up with a lot to say. Whoo hoo.

Also about tomorrow - probably going to the libe, which is generally of the good.
In addition - Pepsi's Play for a Billion is on!! I can not express how excited I am. It's combining money and monkeys and Pepsi.
"Money and monkeys and Pepsi, oh my!" Of course, it'll be really disappointing when the cash prize is not won, but the lead-up will be worth watching. And also - monkey!!!

And the last great thing about tomorrow - I unlock the WD Book Club thread, which means discussion of Slaughterhouse Five will begin. I probably should have used this time to come up with a boq to get things started, but oh well.

Oooh! Also (most likely) occuring tomorrow - I'll hit the 4000 mark. Wow. 4000 posts. I'd say maybe 1784 of them were worthwhile. Give or take.

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