Friday, September 19, 2003


Due to the fact that so much has happened in the past three days, plus the specialness of today in general (read on), I had far too difficult a time coming up with a sufficent (is that even the word I want? [shrug]) title.

They included, but were not limited to:


Holy Old Age, Batman!

The key to good interviews - apathy.

Retire? You must be speaking injest!

It's called AHHHH-CTING!!

Now why:

Arrr. - Today, Sep. 19th, is talk like a pirate day. Groovy. Oh, wait. That's a hippie, not a pirate. They're both scum, though. [tongue]

Holy Old Age, Batman! - Today is also the birthday of Adam West. He is 75. Seventy-five!! Wow.

The key to good interviews - apathy. - I had an interview today for a different position within the company. I'm far too tired right now to go into details, but I think overall it went pretty okay. In the past, every interview I've ever been in has resulted in me being ultra-nervous. Not this time. The reason, I'm pretty sure, is because I don't care whether I get hired or not.

That sounds bad. What I mean is, if I don't get hired, it's not a life-crushing blow to my ego. If I do get hired, than Woohoo! New ..stuff. Which is great.
But even if I remain in Master Control, we're moving into the new building next week, which will mean new...stuff. So, really, it's a Woohoo! situation either way. Ha! Take that, universe! Or something.

Retire? You must be speaking injest! - That was going to be the title on Wednesday. On that day I got new tires put on the car (get it? "re" tire...) and I went to work - at the new building - for 8 and a half hours. And all I did was "injest" (or maybe it's "ingest"?) spots. All that means is loading spots into the server. For years and years and years we've referred to doing that as "dubbing". Why the sudden new term of "ingest" had to be coined is simply beyond me, but hey, whatever butters your toast.
My comment on the whole thing is that I've been doing things "in jest" for years. [dork2]

It's called AHHHH-CTING!! - Saren had her very first Acting Class yesterday. I'm not sure I like her teacher. She's ...something. Or, I could just have been ultra-tired, and not really liking anyone.

And lastly, the other day when we went to the libe, I picked up Ben Folds Live, and this morning I was listening to it. Normally I don't really care for live albums, but for whatever reason, this CD is particularly goose-bump inducing. It's funny-weird how he can take a song like Not the Same and completely give it a different feel just by slowing down the tempo.

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