Monday, September 22, 2003

I feel like a witch in a magic shop.

The more I think about this upcoming project the more excited I get.

That, coupled with the fact that we are actually moving into the new building, and the possibility of moving into the new's an exciting time in the life of P@.

But, oddly enough, excitement about upcoming events does not make for entertaining reading. Or maybe it does, and I just can't convey it properly. [shrug] Whatever.

I have "In the church of the poisoned mind" in my head. I don't even know who sings it, or any other lines, except that one. Odd how that happens.

Heee! I'm just too worked up about this thing to think about anything else. It's far too geeky. Gah!

And there I go again with the hype. [doh2] I should learn. Stop hyping things up. They can't possibly live up to the expectations.
I should also learn not to try to project what I think other people are feeling onto other people. (Huh?)

In lieu of having any books from the library to read, I've been reading Marilyn Manson's autobiography. It's ...uh...autobiographical. [shrug] (I've not really read enough to tell my opinion of it. I'm sure I'll finish it, even if it is utter crap. I'm stupid that way.)

Speaking of books, I've gotten two suggestions for next month's book for the Book Club. I figure if more people don't PM me with suggestions soon, I'll use those two, plus some of my own. I've got plenty of books on my list that I would like people to read.

2004 is going to be one weird year. I just have a gut feeling about that.

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