Tuesday, September 16, 2003

The word of the day is: hypothermia.

Yeah. I don't know either. [shrug] I just didn't have a good title ready. Sorry.

Anywhat, for those who don't go to the WD, or just happened to have missed it, I made a poster for Spangel. (I should tell people that when I say "Spangel" I mean the show Angel, not the shipping of Spike and Angel. I'm the most anti-shipper of anyone ever. I just enjoy saying "Spangel", and since the blond one will be on Angel next season that is that show's new name.)

So, yeah. My poster.

It was quite fun making it, and I think maybe I'll do similiar things in the future. Woo!!

Moving on - last night was the season premiere of Everwood, as I mentioned. In the past, I've listed Everwood/Buffyverse connections that I've noticed/force-created. Well, with the new season starting, there will be plenty of new opportunities. And I've come up with three just from last night's show!!
Time to whip out my BUST!! (Butt Ugly Spoiler Tags)
The spoiler is for last night's episode: The Last Summer Highlight to view:

1) Colin was the First
2) Andy Brown is becoming Angel!! He was all broody!
3) Andy Brown is becoming Angel!! His hair!!!!! My god, his hair!!

And lastly - I discovered that Disney is going to be coming out with a thing called EZ-D. These are DVDs that "self-destruct" after 48 hours of being opened. You buy them in convience stores (for a lower price than normal DVDs, of course), open them, and then 48 hours later, due to a chemical reaction (similar to how a Polaroid is devolped), the DVD becomes black and unreadable by your DVD player. And at that point it is essentially garbage.

Yay for our wasteful, throw away culture!! ("In case you couldn't tell, that was sarcasm." ~ Homer)

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