Sunday, September 14, 2003

Money and monkeys and Pepsi, oh my!

I'm Mr. Acomplished today!

The grass is cut, dude! Both the front and back. Woo! It wound up being 8 garbage bags full of grass clippings. And I was all dirty and sweaty and green and manly. Good times.

Of course, now, some 10 hours later, I'm still kinda weezing. [rolleyes] My body sucks.

During the mowing, oddly, my brain didn't go into hypermode like normal. I thought of some funny-ish things to type...but I forget where I wanted to type them. (For some reason I was thinking they were replies to some posts on the WD, and they may have been. Sadly, they've been lost to wherever it is that lost thoughts go.) I also thought of some song lyrics. Or rather, I thought/sang song lyrics that already exist. Which is to say, I had a part of some song stuck in my head. God, I should learn some directness someday. It would save everyone a lot of time and ...time.

Let's see - we did not go to the library (I woke up early [ up at 11]) but the womens didn't arise until 12:30ish. So we did not have time to go anywhere as a family. (Due to me working) Instead I drove to McDonald's for what will be the final time ever. It was tasty, but I don't think I'll miss it.

At the WD, I did indeed unlock the SH5 thread, but thus far nobody has replied except me. Huh.

I also hit (and passed!) the 4000 mark. Sadly, my big milestone post is still nowhere near completion, so it did not go up at this time. Say la ve.

SAY IT!! [grin]

gaffer posted something about how socialism ignores human nature. Which prompted me (and so far 3 other people ...who apparently don't read all of the posts - or at least not mine [doh2]) to ask him, "What is human nature?" I'm wondering which of us (if any) he'll respond to. It's a very interesting question, and I think I'll ask it of the IshCon crowd, since they're more likely to have a decent response.
I also posit it to the P@riots out there - What is human nature?

Oh, yeah. I watched the Play for a Billion show, and I was right. The person (of course) did not win the big cash prize, but the lead-up was entertaining enough. I guess.

They should've had more chimp, though.

I won't bore everyone with all the details of the program - either ya watched or ya didn't. And overall, it was just another television program that has now become history and part of the information junkyard. No need for me to add to it.

Once I get home, I'm going to play a game with Saren. Then I'll eat, then I'll check my email and go to bed.

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