Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Site thy limits


Look-y look-y, I got hook-y.

I mean, Look-y! I'm blogging rather early!

Of course, I'm still not making sense, so there's that.

I think my lack of sense-making is due to the lack of library visits. Or at least, that's my latest excuse.

God. Why do I bother typing things up?

Remember a few days ago when I was all psyched about my story again? Now I can barely garner enough interest to type these simple sentences.

Nobody knows anything. Stupid freaking "experts". Gawd!!!

At least Smashing Pumpkins knew what they were doing back in ...97? 96? Whenever. (heh. I just went to Google, and typed in "Year of mellon collie". From the results I got just on the first page, it was released in either 1995, 1996, or 1997. Like I said, nobody knows anything.)

I've got it playing right now. I downloaded it. Technology is keen.

Speaking of 'keen'. We really need to keen up.

Ooh! New psychological insight: I'm cryptic and obscure in hopes that people will ask me what I'm talking about. Because I enjoy explaining the workings of my mind. Of course, I like it better when people guess the workings of my mind, but that's a totally different sandwich.

Of course, I could just be cryptic and obscure to annoy people.

Or maybe it's all because I wanted to have sex with my mother. [shrug] Nobody knows anything.

Earlier during this typing, I took a break to help Harper go on the potty (no pee). While sitting there with her in the bathroom, I was all inspired again to write. Now that I'm back at the computer, nada. The solution is obvious.

We need to move the computer into the bathroom.

"Love, Love - it's who ya know."

See? The meaning to it all is spoken in lyrics of popularish music.

"Love solves everything."

Of course, if I remember correctly, they later sing that "love is suicide", so maybe they're as confused as the rest of us.

I want to embrace Satan. (heeeeeeeheee! Sorry. I'm amusing myself greatly again, by being all annoyingly weird. Sorry.)

Remember how God is a turtle?! Man, Stephen King is whacked. Wiggedy, wiggedy whacked.

I totally need to check the WD again. I've got lots of PMs to catch up on. I also need to hear back from Jamie. We need to get the WD Book Club going.

Oh, speaking of, I'm totally for the other forums that Jess and Sharon were talking about. Of course, I'm completely (well, about 98%) computer-stupid, so I leave the technical stuff up to someone who is less computer-stupid than I. Just let me know where it ends up being and all that jazz. And I'll be there. With bells on.

Okay. I've rambled pointlessly for a long time. Remember the days when this type of thing would've gone in Testing. Times, man. Times.

I'm sure I'll blog again later. Because it's like an infection that I can't stop scratching. Or something.

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